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Tara Roskell, The Idea Medic interviews helps you build your idea muscle with fresh inspiration from entrepreneurs and creatives who share their ideas and creativity. 

Aug 11, 2017

The guest today is Youngman Brown, a writer, podcaster, video producer and professional poker dealer. Youngman is the host of the Your Creative Push podcast and creator of the Words Plus Music music video project. Having struggled quite a lot with his own creative resistance and blocks, Youngman now interviews others about their creative processes and facilitates a Facebook group where people can support each other through creative struggles as well. In this episode, he shares his creative journey as well as his own tips for idea generation and organization.


Here’s what you will learn in this episode:

  • Youngman’s creative journey up until now
  • His creative projects, including the Your Creative Push Podcast
  • Why Youngman advocates paying your creative self first
  • Tips for idea generation and organization
  • Youngman’s favourite creative tools and resources